About Us

WigiGear™ was founded with three simple concepts in mind: Customer service, a simple solution to an annoying problem, and a smooth buying experience. In that order. The founders of WigiGear™ decided to work with leading manufacturing companies to find the best possible solution to anyone who uses their mobile device in bed or at their desk but does not want to hold the phone or tablet in their hand for hours on end. 
Let's face it, in this day and age, everyone spends severals of hours if not dozens on their mobile device and most of the time they're holding it in their hand, this can get exhausting and not to mention having to keep a charger plugged in all along. 
The founders of WigiGear™ created the FlexMount phone holder with some of the most intuitive features allowing adjustability and flexibility. Our solution allows all types of mobile device users to have a completely hands-free experience by mounting their phone or tablet anywhere while keeping their charger plugged in.